Yamaha RD/RZ

Aircooled RD

Excellent  forum.

Excellent  forum

RNR Drag Racing

Another top man who has

inspired me to get into RD racing.

Where to get Info.

Some guys who inspired me.

JADE Racing

A very fast RD

Where to get stuff.

Bimotion Pipe

Digatron Instruments

DYNA Electronics

Fast By Gast

Wiseco Pistons


P.G.M  Spares



Moto Carrera


ProX Racing

MPS Racing

HPT Sports

Very good articles here.

Expansion chamber software.

RPM and EGT gauges.

Good bike electrics here.

Well know drag bike parts supplier

Pistons...Hotrods and cranks.

Carbs and parts.

RD spares

EGT gauges and stuff.

The maker of MOTA software

And a TOP bloke.

Good RD parts supplier

Drag bike parts supplier.

Very well know.

Pistons and rods.

Heaps of good Drag bike parts.

Free Software.

2 Stroke software

A good start for understanding

what is required for the more up to date software.


Home of  my Yamaha RD400  Drag racer.

Ora et Labora


Precision Laser Cutting Ltd