Welcome to my web site.

I Drag race a Yamaha RD400E here in New Zealand.

I will put up some pictures of my bike from my first season.

So it was my first ever season of drag racing and I did quite well. I set the first National record for my class of racing.

My class is called..D/Pro...It is for bikes up to 500cc ...non supercharged…the wheelbase  can be extended up to 20% .

I then decided to build a proper Drag bike and you can see how I did it by checking out my second bike.

As with all projects things never go to plan and although my second bike is nearly finished I have had to put the project on hold.

But I have been racing my Suzuki GS1200SS and you can see how my racing on that bike has gone as well.

My First Bike.

My Second Bike

Here is my second bike that I am building. It is also an RD400E based Drag bike.

Check out the updates page for the latest info.


Home of  my Yamaha RD400  Drag racer.

Ora et Labora


First Bike 1

First Bike 2

Second Bike



My other bikes 1

Riding in NZ


My other bikes 2

Pipe Building

Crank Rebuild

Motor Mod's